Five facts on climate migrants

climate migrants

Climate migrants are people who are a group of individuals who move from one place to another during a storm, floods or droughts. They are not legally considered to be refugees. In this article, we are going to be learning about five facts about climate migrants.

They are not considered refugees from international refugee law.

A refugee is a term which has a lot of legal value which works for well-founded fear of being persecuted for a reason of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or a political opinion. These people who leave their country or region are doing so due to climatic conditions which may not be considered refugees as the one cannot recognise the environment as persecuting agent.

They are people who leave their home due to climate stressors.

Climate change, sudden rainfall, massive floods, sea-level rise can put a lot of pressure on people to leave their homes. These climatic changes make their homes uninhabitable where people will not be able to cultivate crops or raise any livestock because of the drought and flooding. This leaves them vulnerable and no choice but to move around in search of food, shelter and good climate.

They are vulnerable and have to migrate.

There are many countries with vulnerable geographies and fragile ecosystems which will allow one to face these situations. This more often than not occurs in poorest and more vulnerable countries which have the resources to leave their homes. The majority of environmentally induced migrants are likely to come across a rural area and form a livelihood. There is also a chance that the sea levels may be affected even with densely populated coastal areas.

Climate Refugees

No one knows how long it will exist.

There is no estimation one can do, which can help give people the accurate results for tomorrow. The reason for this is that it becomes challenging to manage migration and lack of official figures within the country. It is difficult trying to understand and untangle the reason for the migration, which can be caused by the lack of official figures. This makes it more difficult to establish a direct connection of the climate changes and its impacts. There has been a lot of movements which is directly related to the climate stressors within a country.

The climate migration is faced by people all around the world.


People are moving from one place to another due to climate changes. People in Bangladesh are moving away as the climate change threatens the stressors, which can help adapt the stressors by migrating. With the uncertainly of the future, there is a huge possibility that people all around the world will have to migrate due to the rapid changes that we are facing.

Five facts on climate migrants

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