5 Ways to Fight Poverty

Fight Poverty

Poverty is the ugly truth of our society but is still a fight which is worth fighting for. Poverty is something which with proper ways can allow a person to grow out. There are many people who have tried to bring in some of the most innovative ways to eradicate poverty. Dr Dennis Labayan, a Field Operations Director, has adopted few effective ways which will help in this fight with poverty.

Include the people with the issue in the fight

This one of the best ways to kick start the ways into eradicating poverty is to ensure that the community is actively trying to participate in the efforts. This means that the people affected should join hands and work to get themselves the right participation to help with the intervention to fight poverty. There are many people who are affected by the intervention to fight poverty. The formal leaders can be consulted to the help spread the word and allow the people to join in to become part of the process.

Create an organised group within the community

This is one of the more effective ways to ensure that you have the right access to the collection and organising the action. This helps one strengthen and empower the people in poverty, which will help one organise. This is not enough to help provide the right assistance to the individual, which can help with the collective organisation.


Affected people need to identify the issue

Any step taken is more effective when the person involved understands the issue. This is one way to help gain self-confidence and acquire capabilities which can solve simple problems. This means that the initial efforts and be taken towards addressing more complex issues and issues. All it takes is the people involved take steps towards their development.

People living in poverty can address their issues

Most people living in poverty do not understand that they have the right to raise their voice which helps them solve their issues. The people need to understand the process of fighting which needs to raise from the level of consciousness. People need to be aware of the situation they are in and also understand their own capabilities to help sustain and have collectively put the efforts in favour of their future issue.

It takes time

Poverty is something that cannot be dealt with in just one strike but requires a lot of fighting. The fighting is not that simple but has a deep personal transformation which needs to be followed by the people who are affected. It takes time to empower and facilitate the people affected and start working for their own development.

5 Ways to Fight Poverty

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